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How Often Should I Get My House Exterior Painted?

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home can revitalise the aesthetic and appearance of your property with minimal investment. Whether you’re looking to change up the style of your home or it just needs a touch-up, repainting your home is an excellent option. How often should you get your house exterior painted, though? This article aims to answer that question by looking at some important factors such as location and the existing paint job of your home.

How Often Should I Get My House Exterior Painted?

How long you wait until you repaint your home will depend on a few important things. Below is a list of considerations that factor into when you should consider repainting:


The location of your home will have a significant bearing on how often you’ll need to repaint the property. If you live in a sunny, hot environment you’ll probably notice that paint faints quite quickly, especially with darker colours. If you live near a beach, the sand and saltwater combined with sunshine can wreak havoc on paint jobs and leave cracks, bubbles and other imperfections on the paintwork. For colder climates, you can probably stand to wait a little longer between painting sessions. We recommend waiting around 5 years in these climates for a repaint.


The materials used on the exterior of your home will also have a bearing on how long a coat of paint will last on your home. Some materials can hold onto the paint for longer, while other materials lose paint very quickly. For example:

  • Wood should be repainted and re-stained every 4 years or so.
  • Aluminium can last around 5 years without needing a new paint job.
  • Cement fibreboard siding can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years with a single coat of paint.
  • Brickwork can last up to 20 years if painted, and oftentimes the surface needs to be cleaned instead of painted.

Quality of painting

If your property was professionally painted before, it should last considerably longer than a DIY effort. If the coatings of paint don’t properly bind to the exterior of the property, it is time for a new paint job. It’s important that the surface is properly prepared, that the quality of paint is top-notch and that the workmanship is professional if you want to get the most out of your repainting efforts.

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