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Interior paintwork for walls, windows and doors

From a calm and relaxing living room to a bold and bright playroom, the colour of your interior can set the mood for any room. At Sunshine Coast Painters, we provide a free colour consultation to help you with interior paint ideas. Our painters have experience working with new home builds, renovation projects, resorts, offices and body corporate buildings. With attention to detail, the best tools and meticulous preparation, we’ll ensure that your interior paintwork looks neat and lasts. Call us to arrange a colour consultation today.

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Interior Preparation

To ensure even applications for every coat, our interior painters need to prepare each wall, ceiling, window and door. Before painting internal surfaces with your selected colours, we will:

  • Wash walls to remove any dust
  • Inspect for any damage, lumps or bumps
  • Ensure windows are open to allow proper ventilation & drying
  • Place drop cloths on the floors & any furnishings in the room
  • Apply masking tape to permanent fittings & edges
If the existing paint is flaking or peeling, we will scrape back the area and sand down to make sure there are no edges or bumps from the existing paint. Any dents or holes will also be filled in, sealed, sanded when dry and spot primed. We can also take care of any mould as a part of our restoration work.


Once surface preparation has been completed, our painters can begin. In most properties, the trims around windows and doors have been previously painted white and may have yellowed over time. This can also happen with paler colours. 

To maintain the true colour of the paintwork for years to come, we use the best possible finishes in the industry. Our team can advise you on the right paints to use to help retain the colour, including water or oil-based enamels and other alternatives.

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When it comes to painting ceilings and walls, we know the best application methods and products to achieve a smooth finish. Our team will make sure every part of the process is done to a high standard, from covering the floors with drop cloths to applying the final topcoat. 

If you need some help with the colour scheme, we can come out for a free colour consultation. With more than 22 years’ painting and interior decorating experience, we can advise you on the right shades to suit your décor.


As well as painting ceilings, walls, windows and doors, Sunshine Coast Painters also provides staining and varnishing to interior timber features. Through staining and varnish finishes, we can enhance the natural grain of brand new and older timber installations. 

Our team will prepare the timber first, removing any marks and stains, filling in holes and sanding the surface before applying the varnish. We then apply first-class products from Intergrain and Whittle Waxes to achieve the perfect stain colour and give your timber a new lease of life.

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If you’re looking to create something that will impress your guests, ask our painters about creating a unique feature wall. The possible colours and designs we can paint are endless, and we’ll work with you to ensure you happy with the final result. 

Our team will help you choose from a wide range of textures and colours to suit your personal preferences and match the rest of your interior décor

Interior Painting FAQs

When you work with Sunshine Coast Painters, the interior painting process begins with a quick, free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and plans for your interior and pinpoint a colour that suits your vision and your home.

If you’re unsure which colour and finish you’d prefer for your interior, our experts are here to help. We will work with you to choose a look that will make your living space shine—whether you’re looking to attract buyers or simply give your room a refresh.

It’s then time to begin preparation. Our painters are passionate about creating long-lasting smooth, and flawless results—so each project begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning. We also place down drop cloths across any floors and furnishings to protect them, along with masking tape to keep edges looking immaculate.

Painting your home yourself isn’t easy! If you don’t have any experience, it can be a time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating task. Many of us have experienced the pain of accidentally splashing paint onto the floors or onto the wrong wall!

Professional painters will always get the job done flawlessly with minimal effort and for a reasonable price. The experts at Sunshine Coast Painters are especially passionate about and dedicated to their craft, guaranteeing a seamless result every time.

There’s no one answer to this question. The cost of painting a room will depend on several factors, including its condition, measurements, whether restoration work is necessary, and the type of paint you choose. The costs will also rise depending on how many walls you need covered and whether you’d also like the ceiling, doors, and window frames painted.

Thankfully, our team provides Free consultations, so you can get a clear idea of how much the project will cost—without any unexpected surprises.

Call our team on 0409 466 282 or contact us online to book your appointment.

Like the cost of a project, the time to complete one also depends on several factors. While applying the paint itself might only take from 45 minutes to an hour, the entire process of painting a room can take a while longer.

In general, you can expect a project to take between two to four days—this includes preparation, priming, painting, finishing, and general cleanup.