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Exterior paintwork and deck coating

Sprucing up the outside of your property with a coat of paint will make it look more modern and appealing, especially if you’re looking to sell. At Sunshine Coast Painters, we provide a full range of exterior paintwork including surface preparation, weatherboard painting, rendering, deck revival and roof spraying. To find out how improving the exterior could add value to your property, contact us today.

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Exterior Preparation

When it comes to preparing exterior areas for painting, our team have the right skills and equipment to get the job done quickly, without cutting corners. We work with all surfaces including timber, masonry and metal. Before we begin painting, we’ll inspect the surface for any damage, such as mould, rust or timber rot. If it’s extensive, our team offer restoration work at a competitive price. For surfaces still in good condition, we will:

  • Fill in any holes or small defects
  • Sand back peeled or cracked paint on timber, weatherboards or metal surfaces
  • Wash painted brickwork with a high-pressure cleaner
No matter what surface we prepare and paint, we make sure that your plants and ground near the walls, as well as permanent fixtures, are protected.


Weatherboard cladding is a popular choice for homes as it is light, UV resistant and durable. However, it’s also prone to timber rot, chipped paint and fading. Lead-based paints may also be present in some older homes. 

At Sunshine Coast Painters, our painters will check the existing paint quality and determine if it needs to be completely removed before repainting. For areas that are flaking or peeling, we’ll scrape off loose paint and sand the surface down. We also have a pressure washer available to remove flaking paint and dirt.

After cleaning away any dust, cobwebs, dirt and old paint, our team will begin painting with your chosen colour and make sure each coat is even.

White House -Sunshine Coast Painters

White House -Sunshine Coast Painters


Render painting creates a clean and contemporary finish to exteriors for new builds and existing properties. To preserve this look, rendered surfaces often need regular maintenance. If you’re thinking about changing the colour scheme of your rendered walls or they need to be repaired, we are the painters to call.

Over time, buildings can move, which can cause extensive cracks in rendered surfaces. Our workers can render damaged walls to have them looking as good as new.


If the deck of your outdoor area has lost its lustre, call us in to revive it. We’ll ensure that your decking is well prepared before starting maintenance work and treatments. This includes:

  • Washing & sanding all surfaces
  • Removing blisters or imperfections

Using premium products from Whittle Waxes, Intergrain and Sikkens, we can clean, restore and prepare weathered, grey, stained and mould affected timber before coating.

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A properly painted roof can add value to your property, improve the longevity of the roof itself and prevent mould by using a mould prevention additive. At Sunshine Coast Painters, we provide all cleaning, repairs and surface preparation before spraying to ensure your paint lasts. 

To ensure your roof—tiled or corrugated—maintains colour and shine for years to come, our team uses high-quality membranes, primers and sealers from the biggest paint brands. We will paint gutters, eaves, fascias and flashing, either matching them to the colour of your roof or in a shade to complement.

Frequently asked questions

Ideally, you should have a walk around your property to remove any items that may obstruct our team from working on the walls of your home. If you have any potted plants, furniture, toys or tools, they should be put somewhere safe.

We will cover all trees, plants or furnishings that can’t be moved easily to protect them from paint splashes. In some cases, we may need to perform light pruning on trees to access areas of the property for painting.

Yes, we make sure that all of the materials that we have used during the project have been removed from your property before we finish. We’ll also ensure that no paint scrapings or debris are left behind. If there are any spillages, they will be cleaned up immediately.

How often you repaint your home will largely depend on the climate, environment and quality of the previous paint job. For homes that face the sun or are located in extreme conditions, repainting your home every 5 to 7 years is a good idea. For milder climates, this can be extended to about 15 years.

Absolutely, especially if you’re intending to put your property on the market. A freshly painted exterior improves curb appeal and generates more interest. It also places you in a comfortable position to negotiate for a higher price.

Yes, we ensure that no paint splashes or overspray makes its way onto your solar panels. We can also cover up any equipment like A/C units with protective sheeting to avoid paint splashback.

Unfortunately, there is no standard time frame that we can offer because every job is unique. Typically, we can complete our work in a day or two, however, for more complicated jobs, this can extend to over a week.

Although we can’t offer a general timeframe for the work, we do strive to work quickly and competently on all projects we’re involved with. We don’t take on other projects until we’ve successfully completed the job we’re currently working on. That means we are 100% dedicated to you.